Anyone can become an Overt Surveillance Operative, but to ensure you are high-profile and noticed in your watching (and cannot be accused of being sneaky) you could try wearing a high visability outfit.  We recommend T-shirts – you can make your outfit own by writing OVERT SURVEILLANCE in very big bright letters on it. We like blue and green as they should never be seen.  Once operations are announced you can turn up and join in the public watching.  Or simply boldly stare out of your window at passers by (no net curtain twitching – look with confidence)

If you really cannot be bothered to make your own and want one urgently, you could buy one of our interim shirts on Caroline Jaine’s design store here

These are good quality, but quite pricey (we only get one pound per shirt!)  Soon there will be a better way to buy a T-Shirt.